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Emotional Well- being and Mental Health

The Well-Being Team at CCJS


At Cheadle Catholic Juniors we are committed to ensuring the well-being of every child so that they are healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit. It has been well documented that when children are worried and anxious this can become a barrier to learning. Therefore, at CCJS we have introduced a well-being team to encourage children to talk about any worries, develop resilience in dealing with problems and nurture positive self-esteem and relationships.


Our PSHE Co-ordinator works alongside the SENCO to ensure that Emotional Well-being is at the heart of the Whole-School Curriculum and that it is tailored and adapted so that all children can access it . This can be through one to one sessions, whole-class PSHE lessons and curriculum, Rainbow groups with a small group of pupils and whole school initiatives including Mental Health days, assemblies and exciting projects.


As well as this, our Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner, Mrs Rezzano, is trained in counselling skills and supports children in many ways  including regular sessions, drop-ins and play/ art therapy. Please do ask if you feel that your child would benefit at all from Mrs Rezzano's expertise.


All pupils are also invited to join our weekly Yoga and mindfulness colouring sessions during Golden Time and daily Morning Mindfulness colouring and Cool Down, Calm Down sessions at the end of lunch time. We also have an open door policy and hope that all the children feel that they have people that they can speak to if they need to talk.


Please continue to check this page for details of any work, whole school projects and initiatives and new updates regarding Emotional-Well-being in School. 


Meet the team

Mrs Bird- Safeguarding officer & pastoral lead (mat leave)

Miss McGrath- PHSE lead

Mrs Rezzano- Emotional wellbeing practitioner

Mrs Warwick- SENCo/ Safe guarding officer

Mrs Allcock - Emotive Literacy lead


Our Well-being team now has an email address which you can use if you need to contact someone. 

Mindful Minutes

Emotional Well- being at Cheadle Catholic


'The work to support pupils' Emotional Well-being is a significant strength of the school and appreciated by the Whole School Community. Pupils spoke warmly of the opportunities they have to be involved in their Nurture Groups. Many pupil's repeated the slogan 'Happy Mind and Happy Me.' Through this work, and the support they receive from the school counsellor, they understand the need to take care of themselves and each other.' Ofsted 17th July 2019. 

Emotional- Well-Being Pupil Voice

Still image for this video
A pupil interview about the different activities, councils and work we do to support pupils Emotional Well-being.
Supporting Emotional Well- being during Covid- 19

Although Covid-19 has faced us with very challenging times it has been great to see staff and pupils a-like pulling together to support one another, inspiring others and engaging in such community spirit. We have seen people making labels for NHS scrub bags, supporting charities and food banks, being inspired by Tom to walk and raise money, clapping for our carers, learning new skills and engaging in community activities. The pictures above are just a few examples of this and there have been many more wonderful activities some of which are also mentioned in our weekly newsletters. Keep up the great work!  


National Mental Health Day 10th October 2020


For several years now, the Mental Health and Emotional Well- being of our pupils, has been a top priority for all the staff at CCJS. 

This year for Mental Health Day, we continued this work but doing a whole school focused piece of work.

Each year group was given a different theme to explore. 

Year 3 had Connectedness

Year 4 had Grattitude

Year 5 had Hope

Year 6 had Self- efficacy


Each year group did activities in class such as producing posters about how to connect with others, making a class gratitude tree and sending postcards to people to say thank you, reading stories about hope such as Noah's Ark and making a self- efficacy kites. 


Each year group then hosted a 'Google meets' virtual assembly to show the rest of the school what their theme had been and what they had done. The other year groups filled in a reflection sheet on what had been learnt. 


The children did some amazing work as usual and showed a real understanding and enthusiasm for improving their own and each others Emotional Well- being and Mental Health. 


Below are some pictures of the children enjoying their Mental Health work. 

Mental Health Day 2020

Emotional Well- being Ambassadors

Last year the Well- being team decided to take on some helpers. We decided that our theme for the year would be 'Children helping children' and so we invited a pupil from each year group to become an Emotional Well- being Ambassador. 


These children came to meetings with the Well- being team to help us make decisions about how to tackle Emotional Well-being across the school. They helped to launch new initiatives by presenting to classes across the school, co- lead whole school assemblies and even joined staff at a staff meeting to train up teachers and teaching assistants. 

Emotional Well-being at CCJS

Happy Mind Happy Me Poster

For one of our first tasks pupils took part in a Whole School Competition to design a poster with the school mantra 'Happy Mind Happy Me' that would be placed in each classroom to show pupils the importance of having a happy mind and not bottling up feelings. There were some amazing entries put forward and a few posters were then merged together to create this poster which is now in every classroom around school and referred to regularly... 

On Mental Health Day we wanted to start to introduce the ideas of Zones of Regulation to the children and the idea that there are emotions that fit in different zones. For example a green zone represents when we are feeling happy and ready to learn. A Yellow Zone is when we are feeling a bit emotional, sad, anxious but still have some element of control and the red zone is where pupils have lots control and where we see emotions such as anger and aggression. We introduced these zones through a Whole School Assembly but mainly wanted to focus on some feedback received from a pupil voice Questionnaire which had been carried out in December 2018. From this questionnaire, we found that percentages were not as high as we would have hoped for pupils recognising when they feel anxious or angry but more importantly knowing what strategies to use to use when they are feeling like this. Therefore, our activities for the day were centred around these areas and pupils discussed strategies and explored what these emotions look like and feel like and created posters and activities based on this. Pupils then got the opportunity to share what they had done with pupils in other year groups. Below is our assembly Power Point, some photos of the work from the day and the responses to the pupil questionnaire from before and after this activity.  

At the start of this school year we wanted to recruit some Emotional Ambassadors. We currently have three- one from year 4, one from year 5 and one from year 6. These pupils were chosen specifically as they have faced emotional challenges and have developed strategies in order to overcome them and are willing to support and share their ideas with other pupils and staff within school. 

Emotional Regulation Boards

After introducing the pupils to the Emotional Regulation Board briefly in our Assemblies, we felt it was now time to step this up and make sure pupils were more actively involved in recognising their emotions and knowing how to regulate them so that they can return to the Green Zone. At the start of the school year our Emotional Ambassadors gave a presentation to members of staff from each year group regarding an Emotional Regulation Board that they had in their classrooms. The board consists of the 4 zones;Red, Yellow, Blue and Green and each pupil has a rainbow/penguin or icon with their name on and the idea is that as pupils enter the classroom in the morning, after break, after lunch or at any point they move their name to which zone they are in. In this way, other pupils and teachers are aware that that pupil may require a chat or may be going through a tough time and can support them and it also allows the pupils to self-regulate their emotions and develop strategies to cope with them. Following the initial launch, the Emotional Ambassadors went round each classroom and talked to each class about how to use the board. This board is now up and running and being used effectively within each classroom.Below is some extra information and pictures of the board...    
Next on the Agenda-for Children's Mental Health Week 10th-14th February 2020 we once again decided to do a Whole School project and focus as our last one was such a success. This time we recapped on what we had done so far in our Emotional Well-being work and this time we wanted to focus on the theme of 'Children Helping Children.' Therefore each year group was given a specific area to focus on year 3 were looking at Emotional Regulation, Year 4 Conflict-Resolution, Year 5 #small things and Year 6 Resilience all with the overarching theme of how can children help children with these areas. Once again each class set to work and on the Friday we had a Mental Health Fayre where pupils presented a stall to other year groups showcasing their work and all year groups got to travel around to other year groups to share in what everyone had been doing. Below is the Assembly Power Point which launched the tasks and some pictures of the amazing work produced...    
Our Current project is to Design a Sensory Garden for pupils. Each year group was set the homework of coming up with designs for the garden including all of the senses so something to smell, touch, hear, taste within the garden and once again the best Designs will be chosen and will be brought to life in our garden. Below is the Sensory Garden assembly launch Power Point. Watch this space for the garden when it is finished... 

Event Days and Visitors

As part of our Emotional-Well-being Curriculum we like to take part in National Initiatives such as Type Onesie Day to promote awareness of Diabetes, Comic Relief, Children in Need, Sport Relief and National Fitness Activities and Children in Need. As well as this, we have invited visitors into school such as Young Carers, Childline, Stockport County Football Club and Internet Legends to deliver sessions for pupils and engage them in creative activities and making healthy life choices.

It is important during this time to keep safe and well but also to do things that make you feel good and look after your Emotional-Well-being. Below are are a few resources, ideas and activities that you can download and try out during this time. We will keep adding activities to this section so watch this space!

For more information on mindfulness and well-being see the links below: