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Our Curriculum

Our Intent:

Our unique curriculum is designed around the national curriculum to prepare our children academically, socially, morally, and spiritually for each step in their learning journey.

It seeks to feed their curiosity in order for them to become life-long learners and set them on the right path, forward in faith, following in the footsteps of Jesus.


Implementation: Our curriculum is through a cross curricular approach.  Some subjects and areas within the curriculum are taught discretely. We have key threads running through our topics as a backbone to what we teach and how. These threads embedded throughout our curriculum ‘drive’ learning forward:-


  • Faith
  • Respect
  • Engagement
  • Challenge
  • Growth



  • Our internal and external data reflects strong outcomes in both progress and attainment
  • Pupils books show a learning journey, which is creative, challenging and develops curiosity
  • Pupils are able to use our ‘Curriculum Drivers’ and learning behaviours to move onto the next phase of their learning.


Reading: We promote and celebrate reading for pleasure.  Reading opportunities are included in all areas of the curriculum. Teaching of reading: this is planned and delivered in the form of whole class, guided groups and individual reading.  It is incorporated in all lessons.  We dedicate time to teaching and modelling sequenced comprehension strategies and skills which fit with the curriculum content domains.


Writing: Our medium term plans ensure progression and coverage of the curriculum throughout the school and are driven by the purpose for writing.  Where it fits teachers plan and deliver the writing focus around the topic.  Quality texts are selected carefully and used as a stimulus giving opportunities for the children to explore and be challenged.


Maths: We plan following White Rose.  Learning is based on the 3 aims – fluency, problem solving and reasoning.  Our teaching and learning allows children to explore concepts, grow in confidence and deepen their understanding. 


Religious Education:  We follow the Religious Education Curriculum “The Way, The Truth, The Life” which teaches children about the Catholic faith – the beliefs, celebrations, rituals and the way of life for Catholics; children also learn from the Catholic faith about their own beliefs and values, and how to question what happens in their own lives and the lives of others, in light of what they have learned.


Science: We aspire for each child to become an independent scientist. They are engaged and challenged, building upon prior learning so they can understand key concepts and vocabulary and work scientifically with confidence. They have a love of science that they will take on through their lives.

We aspire for each child to be able to confidently communicate through their science work. Thinking, explaining and questioning about what they observe, research or find out through investigations. 

We aspire for each child to be confident enquirers, developing their curiosity and making connections in their understanding by what they learn, understand, observe, test and research. We want children to enquire into current and past scientific learning and its implications for the wider world.


Foundation Subjects: We develop learning through enquiry questions to link knowledge and skills and to broaden thinking.  Pupils explore the topic question through the foundation subjects, trips and events and at the end of the term they will reflect and answer the original question; linking their learning over time.