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Cheadle Catholic Junior School


Reading for Pleasure - Our Reading Spine

Our 'Reading Spine' is one element of the approach we take to foster a love for reading in our children. The spine is a core of books that create a living library inside our children's minds.  It is a store of classics and essential reads that help our children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story.  We have produced our very own 'Reading Spine' for every year group; giving children access to these high-quality texts.

Because we know that children bring their existing knowledge to what they are reading, our Reading Spine books are carefully linked to our Enquiry Questions. Our Whole Class Reading (WCR) text extracts, are also selected to complement our Reading Spine Books. By doing so, we are helping our children to connect their knowledge in a meaningful way. Ultimately, while our children are continuing to enjoy a range of books throughout their school journey, they are also learning to become meta-cognitive readers.

We use the reading spine books in every year group over the school year.  From your child moving into Year 3 at CCJS, to leaving in Year 6, they will have been immersed into 24 of the most fantastic books available to children!

How It Works

Each year group has a set of (approximately) six texts that make up our reading spine.  The composition of the books/texts chosen for the spine underpins (where possible) the themes within our enquiry topics.

The text extracts used for WCR sessions complement the whole class reading spine book and will cover the following genres:

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
  • Poetry
  • Classics

Supporting your child's reading journey at home


Why is Phonics so important?

Phonics has been proven scientifically to be one of the most effective ways to teach children to read. Phonics teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves. It is essential that our approach to teaching phonics and reading is accessible to all learners, regardless of their background.

How is Phonic development supported at Cheadle Catholic Junior School?

We believe that all our children can become fluent readers and writers.

We support children in build on their growing knowledge of the alphabetic code, mastering phonics to read and spell following the wonderful work started at Cheadle Catholic Infant School. Phonics at CCIS

Upon transfer from the infant school into year 3, there is specific liaison between staff. Pupils are assessed against the Read write Inc Assessment materials and interventions around any gaps in phonics are put in place here at the junior school so that they can catch up quickly. This might be whole class or small groups depending on outcomes of assessments.

Decodable texts and reading books play a vital role in reinforcing phonics teaching