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November 2021


In secular society, November is announced with a fanfare of pumpkins, skeletons, ghouls and ghosts. But did you know the word ‘Halloween’ actually comes from the word ‘hallowed’ meaning ‘blessed’ or ‘holy’? Read on for why this is relevant to you and what your children have been learning about! This newsletter shares some of the content children have experienced in school and suggests ways for you to engage with them about it. We hope and pray that through reading and sharing, you will be inspired to have a ‘holy’ November!


All Saints and All Souls


‘Hallowe’en’ is actually a shortening of ‘All Hallows’ Eve.’ Just like Christmas Eve is the day before Christmas, ‘All Hallows’ Eve’ is the day before ‘All Saints’ Day’ on the 1st November. And like how in Advent we prepare ourselves for Jesus’ coming at Christmas, on All Hallows’ Eve Christians often prepare by praying or fasting, and worshiping God.


This week, children will celebrate the Feasts of All Saints and All Souls. These two special days remind us that God has a special plan for everyone: to live with Him forever and be part of His special family called the Communion of Saints.


As part of their learning about these special days, children watched a film – a bit like a movie trailer – which introduced a different kind of superhero: the Saints!


Watch All Saints film here:


Children learned that the Saints are real people who said ‘yes’ to God’s plan for them and are now in heaven. Some were children and young people, some were mothers and fathers, some were monks, priests or nuns, and some were single people.


On All Saints’ Day, we praise and thank God for what He has done for us through these holy people and the example they set for us. We can also ask them to pray for us, that we might love God and our neighbour the way Jesus taught us.


  • Why not explore some more stories of Saints with your child? There are some great resources online here and here.


Children learned that the day after All Saints’ Day is All Souls’ Day, a day of prayer and remembrance for all people who have died: we ask God to bring them safely to heaven to be with God and the Saints forever.


  • You might like to take some time with your child to remember and pray for your own loved ones who have died.


Children said a special prayer for these special Feast days, which you might like to say with your child at home:


Dear Jesus,


Thank you that God has a plan for us to live with Him forever and be part of His special family.

Thank you for the example of the Saints who show us how to love others and do the work of Jesus.

Fill us with your light and your love so that we too can say ‘yes’ to God’s plan for us.