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Reopening of School September & Remote Learning Provision

Remote Learning Plan

We have put together a remote learning package on the occasion of individual children or groups of children needing to isolate. 


Scenario 1: Individual children across school need to self-isolate

If an individual child is self-isolating the class teacher will upload work for them onto our remote learning page to complete at home. This will include online lessons from White Rose Maths and Oak Academy matched to the curriculum taught in class.

Teachers will make contact either by phone or by email and work can be emailed to teachers for feedback. They will offer as much support to these children as possible during the self-isolation period but won’t always be available throughout the school day due to teaching commitments. If another member of staff is available to answer questions, they will do, but this may not always be possible.


Scenario 2: A Whole Class bubble need to self-isolate.

If a whole class bubble is self-isolating, then the class teacher will use Google Meet and our remote learning page interactively throughout the self-isolation period.

This will include a range of video lessons, White Rose Maths sessions and Oak

Academy online lessons and daily Google meet sessions will be used for feedback and check in. The class teacher will also be available throughout school hours to answer questions from the children to aid their learning via email. If the class teacher is off sick during this time, a supply teacher will be employed to ensure that the remote learning is not compromised.


Our Remote Learning Page:

Oak Acedemy:

White Rose Maths:

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