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Reopening of School September 2020

Cheadle Catholic Junior School

Post COVID Reconnection


Our children’s experiences of the pandemic and national school closure vary greatly. Some children have been able to fully continue their learning at home and other families may have found this challenging due to circumstances at home. Unfortunately, some have suffered losses during this time. Children in our school come from a diverse range of home backgrounds; some have been affected more adversely by the pandemic than others. On children’s return to school, we assess their experiences and needs, so that we can adjust levels of support on an individual basis, dependent on need.


We pride ourselves in the effectiveness of our pastoral care, and know that this is even more important on children’s return to school.  There is a significant focus on children’s wellbeing and mental health and we have made changes to our weekly timetables to create more time and opportunities across the week for children to share their experiences and feelings.

Our Wellbeing practitioner and Wellbeing Team will support any children and families who need a little extra help in returning to school and coping with challenges faced during school closure. She continues to carry out programmes of work to support our children’s mental, emotional and social wellbeing.


Fitness and Physical Wellbeing

On pupils return to school we will be focusing significantly on children’s fitness and physical activity as we know it has been a national concern during lockdown.

On top of morning and lunchtime play and the 2 PE lessons all children receive each week we are building in daily fitness session for all children with a range of smile-for-a-mile, beep test endurance training, circuits and cardio activities.


Curriculum Reconnection

Our Autumn term curriculum is planned to enable children to re-connect with key concepts and skills from the previous year’s learning. A wide range of both short and long term strategies are being employed to enable us to evaluate children’s understanding, address any gaps or misconceptions and adjust our teaching accordingly – something our staff are already highly skilled in. We will continue to offer a wide and varied curriculum but will utilise foundation subjects to give further opportunities to embed learning in English and Maths; for example - we recognise that, for many pupils, writing stamina will need to be a real area of focus.


Remote Learning Plan

We have put together a remote learning platform on the occasion of individual children or groups of children needing to isolate. 

Please see the link below for our Remote Learning Provision