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Year 3 2K running challenge winners

Year 4 2K running challenge winners

Year 5 2K running challenge winners

Year 6 2K running challenge winners

Sports relief day - bleep test

Cross country

Netball Team Success

Wythenshawe Park cross country - Saturday 16th November

Sports ambassadors

6 out of our 12 year 6 sports ambassadors went to Aquinnas College yesterday to learn what their role is. They learnt lots of different games that they will be giving the opportunity to the rest of the school to learn each lunchtime. 

National Fitness Day leaderboard

Manchester Harriers Cross Country will be held at Wythenshawe Park on the following dates:

  • Saturday 5th October 
  • Saturday 16th November
  • Saturday 18th January
  • Saturday 7th March
  • Saturday 21st March (relay)

The cross country begins at:

  • year 3/4 girls - 10am
  • year 3/4 boys - 10:15am
  • year 5/6 girls - 10:30am
  • year 5/6 boys - 10:45am

National fitness day

All of the children worked extremely hard on Friday taking part in a range of fitness activities in aid of National Fitness Day! They did: sit ups, skipping, planks, throwing and catching and shuttles. Every child put 100% effort into each activity and did the school proud. The day finished with an afternoon of dancing to the famous 'Old Town Road' following a dance routine practised over and over again by our wonderful children! 

Happy Summer Holidays!