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Year 4 – 4C

Welcome to Year 4 - 4C!


This page will show photos and tell stories about the exciting things we have done in class 4C. We might also include some helpful links for our learning.


Do you have any ideas for this page? If so, please let me know.


Mr Crompton

Another Video, Really?

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Again with the Video Message

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Present your advice for staying safe online during lockdown as a poster or leaflet. If you want to, you could use IT to do this.

Family Internet Safety Activities

Yet Another Video Message from Mr Crompton

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Just a review of the task set.

I would like you to write a piece of fan fiction: a story set in a fictional universe borrowed from a book, film or video game.

You could use Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Fortnite, Minecraft, Frozen or indeed any other world that you want to.

Try to make your story original rather than a retelling of the existing story.

You can use existing characters and/or brand new characters.

Don't forget about our writing skills. Vary your sentence openers using adverbials and use descriptive skills such as similes and De:De sentences to help the reader see the picture in their mind.

Most importantly, be creative and have fun with it.


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Another Video Message From Mr Crompton

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Just a couple of extra tips to create a really great comic strip. Remember to tell a story. Plan out a beginning middle and end before you begin drawing and writing. Who are your main characters going to be? Where is the story taking place? Great comic strips need great backgrounds: no blank white spaces.

How To Draw Cartoon Spider-Man

This is a more complicated video and characters drawn this way will take longer. Using this method does not mean that your comic must be about Spider-Man. You could use this style to create any character that you wanted to.

Drawing: How To Draw Easy Cartoon Faces Step by Step

This is a much more simple way to create characters. This style might be more appropriate if your story is complex and needs a lot of boxes to tell it.

A message from Mr Crompton

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Shadow Puppet about Genius

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Hopefully, this video should give you some ideas about how you can celebrate a genius of your own choosing. Remember, a genius doesn’t have to be a scientist or an inventor. They can be writer, poets, artists, anything at all so long as you can tell me why they were exceptional. After you’ve done your research, you could present your findings as a biography, a video presentation, a poster or indeed any way you like that leads to piece of work that you are proud of. Happy learning!

Sport Relief 2020

Sport Relief 2020 1
Sport Relief 2020 2
Well done to our fantastic runners, especially our final 6, who all reached level 10 of the bleep test. A fantastic way to celebrate Sport Relief.

13.09.2019 Well Done to Our Stars of the Week!

13.09.2019 Well Done to Our Stars of the Week! 1
13.09.2019 Well Done to Our Stars of the Week! 2
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