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Year 4 – 4C

Welcome to Year 4 - 4C!


This page will show photos and tell stories about the exciting things we have done in class 4C. We might also include some helpful links for our learning.


Do you have any ideas for this page? Why not let me know!


Mr Crompton

16/11/18 Class assembly and making 💩

16/11/18 Class assembly and making 💩  1

We have had a busy couple of weeks in class 4C. Last week was our class assembly and I would like to thank all the grown ups that were able to attend and make it a special day for us. I was very proud of how well the whole class performed. This week the highlight was our Science experiment about the digestive system - we made poo. Lily thought it was “disgusting!” 

“It felt gross,” Connie commented but Harry thought it was “Awesome!” And many others agreed. Hopefully it was worth the mess 😢 and everyone learned a lot. I also want to thank all the children (and grownups who helped) for the amazing European Capital Leaflets which have been absolutely incredible.

02/11/18 First week back after half term. Yay!

02/11/18 First week back after half term. Yay! 1
The whole class and I were delighted to be back at school after a fantastic restful half term holiday. This week we have enjoyed learning about Haiku poetry and have been writing our own. You may get to hear some of them if you can make it to our class assembly next week on Wednesday (2.45pm). You can see we have been busily preparing in the photograph above (spoilers). We have also been lucky enough to enjoy a special pantomime performance of Jack and the Beanstalk. The best bit was watching Mr Cope and Miss McGrath show off their dancing skills. Thanks for another fantastic week.

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace

Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 1
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 2
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 3
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 4
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 5
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 6
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 7
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 8
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 9
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 10
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 11
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 12
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 13
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 14
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 15
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 16
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 17
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 18
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 19
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 20
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 21
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 22
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 23
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 24
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 25
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 26
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 27
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 28
Egyptian Hieroglyphics Neclace 29
The end of our first fantastic half term in Year 4 has arrived. On the last day we have explored creating our own games using Bloxels Builder (an ap you can download for free at home). We tried to base the games on our Ancient Egypt topic with Pharoahs as hero’s and mummies as enemies. We also made our own Egyptian hieroglyphic necklaces. Next term, we will be looking at our European Neighbours in Topic and the digestive system in Science. Have a wonderful break and come back safe and

12/10/18 Wild Road Show

It has been another exciting week in year 4 - especially today. Today we were visited by exotic animals from all over the world. The class enjoyed holding and stroking the animals (except of course for Rosie the Tarantula who had to stay in her box - which Mr Crompton was very happy about). We all learned a lot and laughed a lot, especially when Flame the Gecko 🦎 decided to wee on Mrs Warwick’s carpet. Congratulations to this week’s award winners.See you all Monday for our last week before half term. :-( 

05/10/18 Mummification Work

Once again,our Ancient Egypt work was successful. Isabella thought our work on mummies was both fun and disgusting. Amelia enjoyed taking out the gross stuff inside them. Congratulations to all of our super 4C children who competed in the athletics competition on Wednesday. See you all Monday for another exciting week.

28.09.18 Good Work Assemby

28.09.18 Good Work Assemby 1
28.09.18 Good Work Assemby 2
First of all I want to congratulate our award winners: George, Lily and Nell. As you can see above, their was some fantastic work in 4C this week. Daniel particularly enjoyed working on our Top Trumps for Ancient Egyptian Gods. Lucas on the other hand said his favourite activity was the blackout poetry. As part of our work on Moses, we wrote a newspaper report retelling the story of the burning bush. Amelia said, "I like the story and enjoy writing newspaper reports." All the children enjoyed our National Fitness day run on Wednesday. Leo explained, "We ran 1 kilometre which was two laps of the field."

21/09/18 Joseph’s Dream

21/09/18 Joseph’s Dream 1

This week we have enjoyed learning about the story of Joseph and doing art work about the dreams he interpreted. Erin was very proud of her 50 club result and I would like to remind everyone to keep practising those tables. We have also continues to look at Ancient Egypt and Harrison enjoyed our Google Streetview tour of the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid at Giza. This inspired some wonderful posters. Thank you to all of 4C for working so hard. Next week parents are invited to celebrate our reward assembly with us on Friday at 1.30pm.





It has been a wonderful start to the year in 4C. One of the best bits was our nature walk as part of our living things topic. Evelyn was excited to find a black beetle and Mai found a spider in a hole in a tree. I was so impressed with the work Abbie and Natalia did on the iPads, I gave them my stars of the week awards.  Harrison won our gold award.  Next week, Harry and the rest of the class are excited to learn about Ancient Egypt. 


Take care and enjoy your weekend.


From 4C

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