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Year 4 – 4W

Happy new Year everyone!!!

This half term we have been very busy! In English we have been using a lot of drama techniques to inspire our writing. We did some writing about WW2 evacuees and a description of a picture of a dragon playing with 2 children. We showed a lot of skills in our writing such as 3ed sentences, fronted adverbials and embedded clauses.


In Topic we have explored the Mayans. We did some extended writing about an explorer and we aged the paper using teabags. We have used papier mache to create spirit animal masks which we will paint after half term.


In science we have done lots of experiments for our work on states of matter such as melting and boiling. We also enjoyed writing and performing a water cycle rap!!!


As part of our guided reading we read a book called The butterfly lion which we all really enjoyed, especially the ending!


Week beginning 3.12.18


This week we wrote a newspaper report about a lion being in the school playground and also created interactive fire safety posters as part of our PHSE curriculum.

Week beginning 26.11.18

We used the I pads and the program Shadow puppets to record a presentation about a chosen capital city. After researching the city and adding photos of the cities most famous attractions, we recorded a voice over, explaining information and fun facts about each photo. We then printed off a QR code and stuck it in our books. Using the Seesaw app, others can now scan the code and watch our video.

Week beginning 19.11.18

This week 4w had their class mass on the theme of Advent.

We would like to thank all of the parents and Father Paul for helping us to celebrate mass together.



Week beginning 12.11.18

As it was Anti bullying week this week we have been reading a story called the Angel of Nitshill Road, which is all about bullying. We discussed the book and the characters and how the bullying affected them. We then wrote a letter to the 'Angel' in the book to say thank you for all the help that she gave the other children when she stood up to the bully, Barry Hunter.

As part of our work on the digestive system we looked at the journey that food takes when we eat it.

We used folks and knives to act as teeth and mix up our food. We added water as saliva to help this process. Next we used a funnel as our oesophagus and pushed the food down it in to a freezer bag which was representing our stomach. After that we used tights as our small intestines and all the goodness from the food seeped out. (This part was really messy!) Then we needed to use a paper towel as the large intestine to absorb all the liquid, leaving us with a lumpy, brown blob of waste. Lastly we put our 'poo' into a big bag with a small hole in and pushed it out just like our rectum would.

And there you have it! POO!

This week we used a Green Screen app on the ipads to show digestive system. We then stuck the photo in our books, labelled the body parts and watched a video about each organs job.

This week we have enjoyed writing firework haiku poems. We also did home safety posters and watched The Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime.

The Wildlife Show

The Wildlife Show 1
This week in our topic work we learnt about mummification and then we had a go at creating our own mummies. We used a plastic bowling pin as our body and then took out its organs, which were actually grapes, mushrooms, jam, tomatoes and strawberry laces. After stuffing it with salt and grass we covered it in oil and wrapped it up in toilet paper. To finish we drew a death mask and amulets to put on our mummy for its journey into the afterlife.


mummies 1
mummies 2
mummies 3
mummies 4

some of our work this week

some of our work this week 1
some of our work this week 2
some of our work this week 3
This week we have been learning about Moses and the Burning bush. We used this story to create a piece of art work. In topic we looked at the Ancient Egyptian Gods and created our own Top Trumps cards. We also had our Prayer friend mass and ran 1km around the field for National Fitness day.

Welcome to Year 4 - 4W!


Your teacher will very soon be filling this page with exciting class news, pictures of things we’ve done and more.

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